Yellow Flag (Co Vang) Initiative 


For Vietnamese Australians, Co Vang represents a sense of belonging and home, rooted in our shared refugee story.  Wherever in the world where this flag is flown, Vietnamese overseas know that they are with family. The Yellow Flag is our cultural icon that provides a real sense of togetherness for any overseas Vietnamese who values freedom from persecution and appreciates the preciousness of democracy and human rights.
Today Vietnam is a sovereign country with a national flag that is recognized internationally. Co Vang does not represent a country, or a former country. It was flown during a part of world history, when Australia committed itself to the longest conflict ever in our history. 

Co Vang serves as a meaningful symbol that helps the Vietnamese community in Victoria tell our story as Vietnamese Australians.

Alongside the surviving veterans of the Vietnam War we fly the flag in memory of those servicemen and women who made the ultimate sacrifice and pay tribute to those whose lives had become incapacitated serving their nation. The flag symbolises that a part of our history.


Our community, like many other CALD communities in Victoria, seeks to work together to advance multiculturalism, social cohesion and the cultural richness of this state and nation.  
Second generation Vietnamese Australians are just as committed to the Yellow Flag as a familiar and inclusive sign of our cultural heritage. We, like our first generation, can be more successful contributors to Victoria, Australia and the world from our strong and shared sense of our community's identity and our place in this multicultural society.
During TET, the Flag Raising ceremonies were held at the Maribyrnong Town Hall, and at the Dandenong's Springvale Town Hall.