Elderly Services


The Elderly Support Services team organises services and activities for the Elderly Group which consists of around 25 members, ranging from 70-90 years old, meeting at Victoria University (VU) MetroWest.  

To support the elderly in our community, we organise activities every Tuesday.  These activities include:

  • Healthy exercises and dances, 
  • Catching up with current affairs by reading newspapers and discussing issues on social media, and
  • Discussing issues and events that take place within the Vietnamese community, as well as other topics such as the environment, healthy eating, Vietnam's environment, and social and political occurrences.  

We also organise special events for the elderly, including Mother's Day, Father's Day, International Refugee Week and cooking classes.  

On different topics of interest e.g. the importance of maintaining good health, we arrange speakers such as GPs, fitness instructors and artists to present to our elderly. To promote active outdoor activity, we organise for the group to attend regular excursions to the Melbourne CBD and beyond Melbourne.

For more information contact Dao Nguyen (03) 9689 8515 or email us at admin@vcavic.org.au.