Vietnamese Museum Initiative

For the first time ever, VCA Vic is aiming to develop and build Australia's first Vietnamese Australian Museum and Community Centre in recognition of the settlement of Vietnamese refugees here in Australia. This initiative will be led by the Vietnamese Museum Activation Committee

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The Museum will become the home of the Vietnamese community. It will seek to collect, preserve and exhibit Vietnamese culture, history and identity as a reminder and example of Australia's world-class multicultural society.

The multi-faceted facility will contain dynamic exhibits that will provide a unique insight into the ongoing journey of the Vietnamese Australian Community. Furthermore, the facility will support community development and engagement by being capable of hosting wider community functions, events, projects and initiatives which will help transform this site into an iconic civic hub, resource centre and must-see destination in Victoria.

This exciting project will be an incredible milestone for our community, one that will leave behind a profound and enduring legacy.

The Vietnamese Museum project will be an enormous undertaking that will span many years, involve meticulous planning and need support of everyone who has the passion and ability to support the completion of this project.

The Vietnamese Australian Community is young but storied one. We are not building a museum to just tell our short story; we are keeping it for the next generations to inherit, so that they can see the moments that helped define their identity and be better people for it.