Vietnamese Mutual Social Support Network


The Vietnamese Mutual Social Support Network is organised by the Vietnamese Social Support Services Committee

The Network's vision is to assist members to live their lives more meaningfully in our multicultural society by providing a forum for members to interact in a culturally appropriate manner, support each other in times of sickness and engage in matters concerning Australia and the world. 


  • Assist newly arrived members of the community via family reunion or migration. Assist with integration to multicultural Australia,
  • Provide information on a range of matters including marriage, family and raising children to better integrate and succeed in our society,
  • Encourage members to participate in community activities to strengthen social cohesion and better contribute to Australia and the world,
  • Encourage young people to engage in Vietnamese language and Vietnamese culture, particularly take part in leadership programs like the Dual Identity Leadership Program.
  • Support and develop cultural programs to assist in strengthening our society,
  • Assist deceased members via family visitations,
  • Develop visitation programs to sick members at aged care facilities or in their home, and
  • Provide social welfare information on family, migration etc and other social cohesion programs to assist members have a peaceful and harmonious life in Multicultural Australia.

For more information on how to become a member contact Diem Lam or Hoang Son Nguyen on (03) 9689 8515 or email