Vietnamese Commemorative Park


Initiated as part of its 40 years of settlement project in 2015, VCA VIC started off with an intention to plan a dedicated 521 trees and shrub garden to honour the 521 Australian soldiers who died in the Vietnam War. 

However, as the project progressed, bigger ideas emerged and the idea of a memorial garden developed into a commemorative park with memorials and landscaped gardens in combination to pay homage to both Australian and Vietnamese soldiers in the war. 


Brimbank City Council, with the support of Sunshine RSL and the City of Brimbank Council, gifted to VCA Vic a prime site within the Sunshine Memorial Avenue of honour at the Kevin Wheelan Gardens, Dickson Street Sunshine for the establishment of a commemorative park in 2016.

The Commemorative Park will pay tribute to the Vietnam veterans who have had to endure the pain and suffering returning home and the armed forces of the Republic of Vietnam. With a large population of Vietnamese Australians … building a memorial in Brimbank makes sense.”
— Vivienne Nguyen, VCA VIC President and Commemorative Park Steering Committee Member