The Committees of VCA Vic include:

THE Vietnamese Cultural and heritage centre - Den Tho quoc to (DTQT

VCA Vic's Vietnamese Cultural and Heritage Centre - Đền thờ Quốc Tổ (DTQT) is located at 90 Knight Avenue, North Sunshine VIC 3020. 

The Committee's primarily role is to manage and maintain the DTQT and its program of activities throughout the year.

The Committee members are: 

  • Mr Phong Nguyen (VCA Vic Executive) - Chair 
  • Ms Nhu Hoang Nguyen - Vice President Internal Affairs
  • Mr Dinh Nguyen - Vice President External Affairs
  • Mrs Be Ha - Treasurer
  • Mrs Phuong Nguyen - Secretary
  • Mr Andrew Dao - Deputy VP External Affairs
  • Mr Thanh Tran - Deputy VP Internal Affairs

Learn more about the DTQT.

The Vietnamese museum - Activation Committee

For the first time ever, VCA Vic is aiming to develop and build Australia's first Vietnamese Australian Museum and Community Centre in recognition of the settlement of Vietnamese refugees here in Australia.

As part of the next phase of the Museum project, the Museum Activation Committee has been established with a specific objective to raise awareness of the project, and to advance the content collection strategy.

The Committee members are:

  • Mr Hanh Do
  • Ms Nhu Hoang Nguyen
  • Mr Phong Nguyen (VCAVic Executive)
  • Ms Tracey Tran
  • Mr Albert Le (VCA Vic Executive)
  • Mr Hung Nguyen
  • Mr Tan Nguyen 
  • Ms Diep Nguyen

Learn more about the Vietnamese Museum and Community Centre


The Women's Committee was established in 2015, with over 150 members from North, West, South and East of Melbourne. The role of the Committee is to develop a stronger and more effective voice for women of Vietnamese background.

The Committee members are:

  • Mrs Phuong Nguyen - Acting President
  • Ms Trang Tran (VCA Vic Executive)- President (maternity leave)
  • Mrs Ai Chi Hoang - Vice President Internal Affairs
  • Mrs Tien Tran - Vice President External Affairs
  • Ms Tracey Tran - Secretary
  • Mrs Be Ha - Advisory 
  • Ms Thuy Phan - Advisory 
  • Ms Anh Dao - Cultural Entertainment Commissioner

Learn more about the Women's Committee events and services


First run in 2014, the Dual Identity Leadership Program (DILP) explores self-discovery, fosters leaderships skills and supports young citizens who identify with two cultures to manage, reconcile and understand their dual identity. 

The DILP Steering Committee is selected each year via an Expression of Interest to the DILP alumni members.  Under the guidance of the Advisory Board, the current Steering Committee members are:

  • Mr Minh Hoang (Tom) Nguyen - Chair 
  • Ms Tuong Vy Nguyen - Secretary 
  • Ms Claudia Nguyen (VCA Vic Executive) - Engagement Director 
  • Ms Elisa Kim Huynh - Program Director 
  • Ms Jenny Thuy Vy Cao - Logistics Director 
  • Ms Ashleigh Doon - Logistics Director 
  • Ms Ngoc Duyen Tran - Communications
  • Ms Trang Lu - IT 
  • Mr Timothy Dinh - Recruitment 

Learn more about DILP or visit the DILP website

DILP Alumni committee

The aim of the DILP Alumni Program is to encourage past participants of the DILP program to engage in community service and give back as well as to advance the development of their leadership skills. 

The Committee members are:

  • Mr Long Tran - Chair 
  • Ms Jasmine Nguyen - Secretary 
  • Ms Lisa Do - Program Director 
  • Ms Hiep Do - Events Director
  • Ms Quynh Diep - Events Officer 
  • Mr Anthony Tran - Events Officer 
  • Mr An Pham - Communications
  • Ms Cammy Lu - Engagement Director
  • Mr Lawrence Le - IT

Learn more about DILP or visit the DILP website


The Vietnamese Mutual Social Support Network has been established to assist members of the Vietnamese community to live more harmoniously in Victoria. 

The Committee members are:

  • Ms Diem Nguyen - President
  • Ms Hang Nguyen - Secretary
  • Ms Quynh Truong - Treasurer
  • Mr Son Nguyen - Coordinator
  • Ms Jenny Dao - Vice President External Affairs
  • Ms Thuy-Tien Nguyen - Deputy Vice President Internal Affairs
  • Ms Anh Dao Nguyen - Western Representative
  • Ms To Trinh Nguyen - Eastern Representative
  • Ms Thao Nguyen - Northern Representative
  • Mrs Vinh Truong - Southern Representative
  • Mr Phong Trinh - Strategy

Learn more about the Vietnamese Mutual Support Network

To assist in the championing of human rights advocacy, this Committee undertakes a number of programs and activities in order to raise awareness and advocate for those who are facing human rights abuses in Vietnam and around the world.

The Anti-Resolution 36 Committee